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Vaping twice as likely as gum to help smokers quit, research finds

Vaping twice as likely as gum to help smokers quit, research finds

People are almost twice as likely to succeed in quitting smoking if they use e-cigarettes than if they rely on nicotine replacement patches and gums, a new study has shown. The research, focused on nearly 900 long-term smokers seeking NHS help to quit, was hailed as a landmark by […]

Congress Considers Vaping Ban Bill

Congress Considers Vaping Ban Bill

U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette wants to see evidence vaping is beneficial to adults attempting to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. The Colorado Democrat also wants validation the industry’s “kid-friendly” products can be kept away from minors. Or else … Federal authorities could soon be armed with legislation to ban fruity […]

Here is a Note From Me

Hello all. I run this site. I know I haven’t been very active with it lately.

Now, With that being said here is why. I normally don’t put things out there but I have decided it was time. I suffer from PTSD, Major Depression Disorder and Anxiety. Couple that with a few of my other health issues and Boom you have a ticking time bomb.

So here is a story I would like to share. I am a dual user and can say I have been really lacking in using my vape. I personally smoke up to 3 packs a day. After talking with my Therapist today and us discussing my will to want to self destruct I decided it was a time for a change.

I have let the constant battle of vaping versus the world stop me from making progress on harm reduction and even the chance to quit smoking.

How, Is the related to me choosing not to vape you ask? Simple the way my mind works is that it is a fight that seems to have no end. EVerytime I go to find content to share all I find is negative. Teens vaping this and that and more regulations are needed blah blah blah.

Today I have decided I don’t care what the government decides I’m going to choose my life and my money over letting a bunch of people that have no clue the benefit of vaping make my choices. I would like to also state those that do know the benefits and chose to ignore it due to the Tax Revenue brought in by those of us that continue to smoke.

Now, As of right now I have been cigarette free for 3 Hours. I just finished Lunch and so far so good. I have the urges and I’m fighting them as I type this but I cannot go one like this any longer. I have my Batteries Charged and Coils rewicked and this time I’m going to make this work.

Normally You would find an Affiliate Link as I give a Shout Out to Those That are already helping me in my Journey. Not today !

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Well That Is All from Me for Now,

Vape On !!!!!!