VGC E-Liquid Review Of Vape Wild’s (S+C)2 E-Juice

(S+C)2 e-Juice

 E-Liquid Vape Wild VGC Vape

Well It’s That Time again!

As I do not have a face for video or a voice for it your stuck doing the reading.

Today we are doing a review on Vape Wild’s  (S+C)2 e-Juice

The mix was VG 65% / PG 35% [ Higher VG ] with 3 mg Nic

Now lets get down to Business.

The E-liquid was steeped for 2 weeks

There was 2 Types of Mods used and 1 Tank and 1 RDTA

The Tank was a Tobeco Super Tank Mini

The RDTA was a Linitess RDTA

Mods were a eLeaf Pico and a Limitless LMC

Started out with the Pico and The SUper Tank Mini. Fresh .5 Ohm Coil.

Let it soak for about 30 minutes as Dry Hits are no Fun.

The First vape was at 30 watts and was a great vape. Flavor Wasn’t quite there for me.

The Second Vape was at 50 watts and BOOM! There It was.

Now on to the Limitless RDTA

Having an Idea from the last run in the tank I started out at 60 watts on Fused Alien Claptons and Fresh Cotton

The First vape was even better than in the Tank at 60 watts on the RDTA .

The Second vape went up to 85 Watts and it was good but just to warm of a vape for me to vape the e-liquid long enough to get a good Flavor Vape.

The Flavor of Vape Wild’s (S+C)2 e-Juice Was Amazing as far as I’m concerned.

There is that Great Custard Flavor with the Quick Bite of Fresh strawberries and to me the last bit of exhale gave me an almost candy strawberry flavor.

The Packaging is Nice. Not to Flashy but at the same time has good eye appeal .

I love the clear bottles and the fact the label does not wrap all the way around on the 30 ml bottle.

Really my only complaint is the bottles take a bit more to squeeze the e-liquid out than what I am used too.

Hope You enjoyed the read. Your Time is appreciated for Taking a Look.

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